Don’t Listen to the Lies

I was watching a romantic movie the other evening. You know how I am, right? About a young couple, deeply in love with one another. She had just been accepted into medical school in another city. And they talked about how they were going to manage. He was very excited for her. Totally on her side. Plans were underway. But her father — totally unbeknownst to her, of course — took her beau aside for a little talk one day. He said he was “holding her back.” And that, if he loved her and wanted what was best for her, he should walk out of her life. That he was no good for her.

And the poor dude fell for it!

Her heart was broken. Her spirit crushed.
She couldn’t understand what had happened.
If only he’d checked in with her about what she wanted – and needed.

Does their story sound familiar?

Has The Lord given you a woman to love? One created just for you. The perfect partner. Not perfect in the sense of being without fault, of course. But perfect in that she matches you so well. That she has a talent for bringing out the very best in you.

And has the father of lies taken you aside for a little talk?
whispered to your soul that you’re no good for her?
convinced you that you’ll only mess it up for her?

But what if – like the couple in the movie – the exact opposite is true?
What if you’re both the Absolute Best for one another?
What if you’re both a Heavenly Gift from Your Creator?

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