A Lifetime Search

Have you ever been in love? The fact of the matter is, we all fell in love for the first time when we were just tiny babies. If you doubt that, just observe the way an infant looks into his mother’s eyes. How interesting that a newborn’s vision is its very best at a distance of seven to ten inches. Which just so happens to be the same distance it is from his eyes to his mom’s eyes while she’s nursing him.

Is Our Creator Amazing or What?

The Truth is, most of us have had an intimate relationship with someone at least once in our life time. Yes, for most of us, it was Mom.

You may be one whose experience of love was short circuited for one reason or another. But most of us have had a taste of love, no matter how brief.

Psychologists say we continue to search for that same depth of emotional connection throughout our lives.

How is your search going?

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