Victims of Bad Theology

Unfortunately, I grew up with the erroneous belief that God only loves us when we’re good. A lie from the pit of hell. But that’s exactly the way The World operates:

  • Do good. Get good.
  • Do bad. Get criticism. punishment. rejection.

The problem is that we cannot do good on our own – especially when we see ourselves as bad. And neither can your mate! From a psychological perspective, we all strive to live up to (or down to) our own self-image. Remember, there is someone who’s out to steal your joy, kill your hope, and destroy you. He’s a liar. Don’t listen to him. (John 10:10)

God’s Solution is a Heavenly Romance

My Heavenly Father adores me. Yes, me. I am His Beloved. I belong to Him. He always wants what’s best for me.

And that is why He put me in Christ. He made me – and is making me – a new creation. The old me has died. The life I live I live in Christ. No more criticism. No more punishment. No more rejection. Because of Jesus, My Knight in Shining Armor, I am acceptable to the Father. When He looks at me, He sees Jesus. He sees His Beloved.

What do you see when you look at your mate?

Do you see someone who needs an extreme makeover?
Or do you see him as God’s beloved – and yours?

We’d all do well to follow God’s example. Not only women. But men, too.

Start by asking The Lord – every day – to

  1. remind you of His Great Love for you.
  2. show you the way He sees your mate.
  3. teach you how to love as He does.

Now that’ll be Heavenly Romance!

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