The Tragedy of PostModern Womanhood

Submission is not a popular teaching. Distorted & dismissed as an out-dated idea. We don’t really understand it. And most pastors & counselors avoid it altogether. So we’re taught virtually nothing about it. Except that submission is “weakness.” And instead of embracing a blessing, we’ve become its fervent opponent. How did we let THAT happen?

Our culture – with the well-intentioned assistance of more than a few overly zealous feminists – all but obliterated God’s plan for a man and a woman in the 20th Century.

Yes, women found their voice. Gained the right to vote.
To find a job. To earn a living. To have a career.
To provide for themselves and their families.
And those were all necessary changes.

But we also lost our God-given femininity.
And we robbed men of their God-given calling.

Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. EPHESIANS 5:21

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