Time to Redecorate?

Sometimes your heart gets crowded with stuff that doesn’t belong there. Such as fear, shame, resentment. When you’re in the middle of a Faith Test, that stuff will float to the top quicker than you can say “Jack Robinson.” It surfaces so your can let go & give it to the Holy Spirit.

His goal is to help your pass your tests with flying colors! He is incredibly Merciful toward you. Pure Kindness. Ever Gentle. The Best Teacher ever!!!

So have a conversation with Him. He loves to talk with your. If you don’t believe me, give Him a try! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, eh?

These questions are a pretty good place to begin:

  • What are you trying to show me, Lord?
  • What am I trying to force that doesn’t fit Your Plan for my life?
  • What messed-up mindset am I holding on to that you would like to replace?

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