A Hope & A Future

When The Lord is teaching you patience, things necessarily take longer than you want. He is Sovereign, and your must surrender happily to His will. He so graciously give you Vision — Words of Promise to give you a Hope & a Future.

  • Your Story doesn’t end here.
  • So give Him thanks. Right here.
  • Wherever you are. In the Process.

And thank Him for this time of Testing. He has taken some things He didn’t want you to have. Like fear & negativity. It would be hard to list everything that’s gone. But you do have a greater desire to know Him more. And in that way will you prosper. Now.

He has never left you. And He has never lied to you. But He has allowed stuff to happen & intended you to gain something from each experience. And you have. But He has more for you. So much more.

More Love. More Peace. More Patience.
More Kindness. More Goodness.
More Gentleness. More Faithfulness.
And Self-control.

A Prayer: Lord, You are cultivating a Plentiful Crop of Your Fruit. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a Training Simulator. I have enough experience, enough memories to process — to replay and to understand. And My Emotions keep me going. Challenging my Thinking. My Will. Amen.

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