Men Are Complex

Men and women have a very different template for understanding (and doing) life. Mostly because nature & nurture play out in male development in ways that simply don’t happen for women. Which, as noted previously, creates some Really Big Differences that can make a man confusing – but also very desirable to the opposite sex! Continue reading “Men Are Complex”

Rebuilding Trust in Marriage

A beautiful couple share the results of their work with Dr. Debi Smith, Couples Psychologist. “We cannot be thankful enough for you saving our marriage (would seem almost impossible to most), and also to restoring it to much better than before the separation!”

Confidence & Hope

Our Confidence & Hope is in Our Creator. He’s always there for you to enjoy, and He wants you to enjoy one another, too! If He created the whole idea of Marriage, then He must be invested in seeing Love come to fruition in your life. For your pleasure, but also as a light to show the world just how very much He loves us all! Continue reading “Confidence & Hope”